Go Home Early on Friday After Giving your Boss a Microsoft Dynamics GP Flash Report

January 18 2011

Accountants have never done their job without a spreadsheet.  And most accountants have never had a job where there wasn't a Flash/Quick/Summary/Friday/Monday Report - pick one, whatever you call it.  In SMB's (Small and Medium-size Businesses) the owners and managers always wanted you to bypass the familiar debits and credits and give them a report that quickly told them the status of the business. 

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Gloria has experience across the full spectrum of business operations and management. Decades of experience are documented in the book Rapid Implementation, establishing Gloria as a specialists using Microsoft SQL tools for implementation, integration, and business intelligence related to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Gloria writes and presents on lean implementation concepts and business management systems for small and mid-size businesses. 

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sledg77's picture

This is using the system the way it's meant to be used! Sweet . . .

jnikodym's picture

How to i build this report?

Jfulton's picture

I also look forward to learning how to deploy this as well thanks!

Steve_Chapman's picture

This is the type of report I was used to when I was a controller. It was a bit of work to get it together. I did mine every day. It's true that all this data is in Dynamics, but few use it in the way you suggest. This is a very good example. I hope a lot of people adopt something like it. Steve Chapman http://www.mygpcloud.com

moconnor's picture

I think this is a great report and will implement it on a trial basis in our department, but just for clarity, shouldn't the cash balance for each of the 3 time-frames be the same?

Gloria Braunschweig's picture

The cash balance is probably not the same when requesting this report for a period of time not current. Envision it's June 2011. You extract the report for the week ending May 14. Your beginning cash balance for the year looks at January 1. Your beginning cash balance for the month looks at May 1. Your beginning cash balance for the week looks at May 8. Same thing for the ending dates.

moconnor's picture

I am very much in agreement about beginning cash balances, however when it comes to ending, let's say it's calender year end 12/31/10 and you run the report 1/2/11, you know what your bank says, your outstanding checks, etc. so therefore i feel like it should be consistent across the 3 views and only the transactional activity will change to reflect the different beginning dates.

Gloria Braunschweig's picture

Your point depends on whether you define a year as 2011 or minues 365 days, a month as or minus 30 days, or a week as Sunday to Saturday or minus 7 days. If you pull the report in June for a week of May 14 to 20, the cash balance on the 20th will be different than the cash balance on May 31st and different than the cash balance for 12/31 (which is most likely the balance as of the day in June you pull the report). See my next article regarding writing the specifications for the report. It's important to work out those nuances of definitions if your report is going to work exactly the way you want it.

Gloria Braunschweig's picture

We've obviously tuched a hot button. Our responses are manageable, well almost manageable. Our web site is getting hits from hundreds of people daily regarding this report and I'm getting lots and lots of emails. The second article is nearly finished and WE WILL respond to everyone. I appreciate everyone's feedback. Gloria