Improving Microsoft Dynamics AX The Right Way: The Role of The Community

June 7 2016


We have all heard this strange little word, but why have our computers turned to it for so many reasons? It sounds like a child that did something wrong and is trying to apologize. Again and again, as part of the effort to personalize the feedback from a computer to the user, we see this word.

"Dear user, I am doing a lot of things for you now. Please wait, it will be worth waiting for"...
"oops something went wrong, please try again".

About Thomas Bonde

My name is Thomas Bonde Ejby, I am 49 years old, from Denmark. I have worked with ERP system since 1994 and started with Concorde XAL before moving on to Microsoft Dynamics AX when it was first released back in 1999 I was working in the partner channel until 2 years ago where I founded the company AXVICE with the focus of infrastructure design, Solution Architecture, and Application Lifecycle Management

This area of expertise requires me to be certified in TOGAF, ITIL, and C-EH and I am also GMP certified as I have been working with various pharmaceutical companies. For the second year I have been awarded the Dynamics AX MVP title and I am also an MCP in Dynamics AX and Microsoft SQL Server.

Throughout my participation in more than 100 AX implementation over the last 16 years I have gained the respect of the product and the implementation process of big ERP systems. As AX has evolved in many directions, it has always been a pleasure and a challenge to work with.

My motto is: “Paying forward, help others, and you will win in the long run!”

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