Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail in India: An Emerging Economy Perspective

March 16 2011

Microsoft announced the release of Dynamics AX for Retail in India in late February of this year. This release is not only a milestone in Dynamics product development, but I would argue it is the perfect opportunity to examine the product in the context of several key opportunities in the rapidly changing and growing Indian retail market.

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Raman Dhooria works with Microsoft Dynamics in India and takes care of key partner ecosystems. Prior to Microsoft, Raman worked in South East Asian and the UK markets on SAP, Oracle and BaaN. Raman has an MBA in marketing and a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is the author of "SMB Guide--The Road to ERP", which is available online. He also writes a Dynamics blog.

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Most retailers use one application for head office operations (Finance, Sales, Purchase i.e.), another to manage retail operations and a third one for Point of sale. End up having islands of information residing in respective applications. Then use one more to fetch data from all the databases and try consolidating them into a MIS report or some significance. Business decisions thus taken are either obsolete or plain incorrect. Retailers have a saviour now!! Unlike other global products, Microsoft Dynamics provides a single platform approach for Retailers, providing seamless out of box integration across Financials ,supply chain, merchandising, store operations and point of sale. It’s one solution, one Platform – ALL MICROSOFT. Microsoft’s single solution approach is a huge differentiator, as retailers can have consolidated information with centralized control of operations. Way to Go Retail India!!

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Recently launched Microsoft Dynamics AX help retailers to manage retail operations, processes, and relationships in better way for greater profitability. Microsoft Dynamics ax is simple to learn and use ERP and CRM solutions that work with existing technology and it grows parallel with business. Microsoft Dynamics helps people be more productive and enabling business to derive the insights quickly and have competitive edge in an ever-changing world of business.