Partners react positively to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (AX 7) on-premise plans

February 28 2017

Last week, Microsoft announced that it will be offering Dynamics 365 for Operations (formerly AX 7) as an on-premise solution or in partner-hosted environments, outside of Azure, sometime this summer.

Reaction to the news from partners has been positive.

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...Microsoft has discovered that their power play toward their cloud model only works when the products they are leveraging against users/customers have an overwhelming market share in that market. Microsoft is not the majority or even plurality player in ERP or CRM but tried a move which would strongarm current customers to a very lucrative line of business for them. Customers have yawned figuring they could just move out of Microsoft land, prospects have simply gone with competitors not trying to capture all their business IT, and partners were bombarded with messaging that if they do not back the cloud power play then they are flat earthers. Also, I snicker whenever I see Cortana used as a tool for selling to business. They might as well sell X-box, Zune, and Flight Simulator as serious Enterprise tools. Good news for companies who elect to buy or use on-premise Microsoft systems, they will punish you with the most underwhelming new development roadmap you can imagine until you relent and give them everything they want. You will have to take them to court to get any new features. In their minds any new capability will have to come through one of the cloud products. Don't believe me, look at the Dynamics GP roadmap. GP is supposedly a going concern but you are challenged to find any new features on its roadmap, even though customers are not receiving a discounted annual maintenance. Jeff Frye Nashville, TN