The Consolidation of Microsoft Dynamics AX Partners and the Growth of the Independent Market: How do SMB customers adjust?

June 2 2016

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Microsoft Dynamics AX has evolved over the years from an ERP system designed for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) to what is now seen as a true enterprise grade system for companies that once would only consider SAP or Oracle. 2016 has already proved to be a year of change within the Dynamics AX market, starting with the replacement of Convergence with Envision, and of course the release of the new Dynamics AX.  

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Toby Ukandu is a Dynamics AX Account Executive at Computer Futures, a global specialist recruitment firm with over 30 years of focus in the IT market.  You can connect with Toby on LinkedIn.

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Excellent article, I have been saying this for awhile now. Independent consultants are the new breed of experienced expert resource for the AX customer. As the smaller regional VAR's battle it out for resources and recruit millennials and junior people to drive profitability and sustain growth only the mature partners with IP will survive against the Large Scale well establish VARS with IP. Many customers now work direct with Microsoft and with independent subcontractors. Vertical strategy and vertical software solutions are the differentiation for the national AX VARS.

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It's an interesting article which highlights the impact consolidation of Dynamics AX partners is having on the AX ecosystem. Referenced were the recent UXC/CSC, Junction Solutions/RSM, and Ignify/Hitachi acquisitions. While these "Super Partners" now promise to possess specific industry expertise, like Retail, globally and deliver more effectively at scale, the questions posed were whether customers were still receiving the same level of support and whether smaller AX shops would get further squeezed for resources? I agree with the author that the answers are "NO" and "YES" respectively, however disagree that the solution in both cases is to use independent consultants. Considering the piece is written by a headhunter, I understand his opinion and perspective though. For any of the consumers of AX partner services for assessments, implementations, customization & enhancements and upgrades, I'm curious what you are seeing and experiencing in the market now? Is this consolidation delivering on its promise?