Putting warehouse management on the Microsoft Dynamics AX map

December 18 2013

As corporations' interest in streamlined, secure supply chains continues to grow, demand for solid warehouse management systems (WMS) increases exponentially. As the systems that orchestrate the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse's four walls - plus the associated transactions like shipping, receiving, putaway, and picking - WMSs monitor the progress of goods as they make their way through the physical warehouse.

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EugeneShamshurin's picture

Chad mentions that AX would meet some wms capabilities. Well, that is changing drastically with R3, where base AX has a way more comprehensive solution. R3 out of the box hits all the points that Acellos' CMO mentioned:
  • management of ecommerce/omni-channel activities;
  • retail compliance;
  • traceability. They are not only a feature of the acquired WMS IP specifically, but also are efforts of Retail team's module and CU6 traceability feature from manufacturing module. I would agree with Justin, AX 2012 R3 is a release that out of the box serves a much stronger WMS functionality, suitable for much larger companies, with broader applicability, than WMS II was fit for. Sincerely, Eugene Shamshurin