Manage S&OP Variations with Formula Items using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

March 3 2014

Editor's Note:  As the third of a three-part article, Dr. Hamilton reviews S&OP variations involving formula items and their unique AX functionality, and also summarizes the series of articles.  These variations represent slight differences in the baseline model for solving common S&OP scenarios. The continuation of the first two articles is reflected in numbering of sections and case studies. 

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Scott Hamilton has consulted globally with several hundred manufacturing/distribution companies on SCM and ERP issues. His publications include multiple books about SCM using Dynamics AX as well as two textbooks about SCM/ERP, and his books have been translated into Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese. For more than 10 years, Scott has been a frequent speaker at Microsoft and AXUG conferences around the world, and a multi-year winner of the rarely given Microsoft MVP award for Dynamics AX. His regular column “The AX Solution Architect” is published in

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