Dynamics AX 2012 R3 transportation capabilities will be enough for some, a starting point for others

December 19 2013

Not historically strong in the transportation management systems (TMS) space compared to SAP and Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics AX threw its hat (further) into the supply chain software ring in July by acquiring Blue Horseshoe's WAX and TRAX solutions with a plan to incorporate them into Dynamics AX 2012 R3, due in early 2014.

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First and foremost, Microsoft should be applauded for finally trying to address a major gap in their flagship AX offering. Unfortunately, as the article suggests, R3 is the beginning of what will seemingly be a long journey in shoring up supply chain and more specifically, their AX TMS offerings. At this pace and R3 functionality, the release falls dramatically short of being able to compete against SAP’s and Oracle’s TMS offerings. All it will take is for a sophisticated logistics group to view all 3 provider pre-sales demos and AX R3 will be invariably ranked last. The implementation “pain points” that Mr. Carter refers to is a classic “cause and effect” scenario and frankly, a major cop-out. The cause is primarily that most AX implementers lack deep, practical domain supply chain/transportation expertise. Willingly or unwillingly they mistakenly disengage their ISV partners in the implementation process resulting in an over budgeted project, a disgruntled customer or worse, a failed implementation. Customers and prospects can have tomorrow’s technology today and not have to wait for future releases years down the road. Yes, there are numerous “best of breed” TMS solutions in the Microsoft eco-system such as Dynamics TMS® that will allow any users of existing versions of AX, including R3 to “Work the Way They Work”. Respectfully, Aristides (Ari) P. Smith, President & CEO Next Generation Logistics, Inc. 1611 Colonial Parkway, Inverness IL 60067 USA Email: asmith@nextgeneration.com Office: 847-963-0007 Ext. 112 Fax: 847-963-0079 Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:00AM – 5:00PM CST

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Ari, valid points are in your comment. For a distribution-focused customer, domain expertise is crucial for success. At this point distribution-heavy customers would really benefit from an ISV, like NGL. Those who are less distribution-focused, or have built their interfaces already and can maintain them, would find that R3 is a great base. Sincerely, Eugene Shamshurin