Dynamics AX 2012 Available-to-Promise (ATP): Are You Using It to Full Effect?

August 15 2016

Available-to-promise (ATP) is a simple calculation meant to provide a customer with a promise date for delivery. The business model is Make-to-Stock. This means that we have inventory on the shelf based on a forecast or a safety stock.

We typically use automatic reservation in Microsoft Dynamics AX so we do not run the risk of selling the same inventory twice. Nowadays we can control the automatic reservation in the Item Model group.

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I am Evert J Bos, ERP consultant since 1986. I started in Europe with IMS7 (A Honeywell Bull Mainframe ERP system) and the BaaN ERP system. Since 1995 I have worked in the USA and since 2004 I have been working with Dynamics AX.  I work for Sikich and focus mostly on manufacturing companies that make complex, engineered products.

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leifwoxlin's picture

Very good overview and conclusions to agree upon – thanks. The ATP-functionality is a significant time-saver for any make-to-stock-business.

Larri's picture

Thanks for the good article! Although I disagree that ATP is calculated only on site level. If you set "Primary stocking" parameter to 'Yes' on Storage dimension group, ATP window will show quantities for the specific/given warehouse. If it is 'No', then quantities are on site level. Of course this parameter will also have other consequences.

ej34bos's picture

Will have to make a correction indeed. It depends on your set up. Just tested this at a customer. If you don't put a sales warehouse in the site specific order parameters, then ATP will work per site, if you leave the warehouse blank on the sales line... you ATP quantity will be for the site. Sorry for this oversight I will update the article soon.