Managing Your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Project: Methodologies in the Mix

September 28 2012

As an independent consultant, I work for different clients with very different approaches to finishing a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation successfully. The most common project management methodologies used in these projects include Sure Step, Prince II, Waterfall, DSDM, Agile, Scrum and sometimes a company's own creation.

The choice of a certain project management methodology seems easy enough, but especially for companies new to implementing Dynamics CRM or so called xRM solutions, it turns out often to be a struggle.

About Sandor Schellenberg

Sandor Schellenberg is the owner and founder of friendlyITsolutions, which mainly focuses on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and related software in the Microsoft stack. He is a Senior Microsoft Dynamics CRM Consultant/Solution Architect and is specialized in data migration & integration. In autumn 2009 his work was recognised and rewarded with a invitation to Scribe Software MVP Program. 

His roots in Microsoft-based Internet technologies go back more than twelve years, and since 2005 he has specialized in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Starting with his first guest post on the blog of Menno te Koppele, he decided to start his own blog, Friendly Microsoft CRM Monster, a blog with a wink. The blog is widely read in the Dynamics CRM community and focused mainly on Microsoft Dynamics CRM technical and integration/migration topics.

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