Why the Fiscal Year Close in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Is So Important, and How to Get It Right

February 22 2010

When a company finalizes its accounts for a particular year using Microsoft Dynamics AX and doesn't want to make any further changes in that year, it can then close that year by using 'Fiscal Year Close'.

At that point, the records of that year will be available only for view. No more changes are possible in that year. If you have filed your returns for any particular year and don't need to make any changes, you can close that year.

About Sanam Khan

Sanam Khan is an ERP senior consultant  with Maison Consulting & Solutions, ERP partners of Microsoft in Pakistan and the Middle East. She has implemented many Microsoft Dynamics AX projects, both in Pakistan and elsewhere. She specializes in Dynamics design and analysis, requirement specification definition, proof of concept, business process mapping BMP, business process reengineering BPR, team leading, IT project implementation / Management , data conversions, integrations, ERP pre-sale activities and post-implementation support roles. 


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It is simply FANTASTIC. Good jobl done. Very useful for every organization useing AX. A MUST READ for ERP connected people. Congratulations of Ms.Sanam

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Excellent Article in deed.

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Awesome, Must say great Work.....Keep it up and good luck for the future. Regards, Waqas http://waqasb.blogspot.com/

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Hi Sanam A Superb guide to the Fiscal Year Close in AX. Regards RogerL

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Hi Sanam, there's quite good information in this Blog. we have a problem here. we need to post a JE for December 2017 . but the year has been closed. can we do it in any ways ..is that safe and if we do it we might have to run the year end close again? Could you Please advise out of your expertise. thank you in advance Aditya