What To Expect From A Post Implementation Review of Your Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution

July 30 2015

So the dust has settled on your Microsoft Dynamics AX implementation, and everyone has been able to step back and take a quick breather. Things may seem calm at the surface, but you begin to develop concerns about the number of workarounds people are still employing in critical parts of the business. The loss of productivity from those activities is troubling and it detracts from the intended benefits of the system.

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Jason Weidenbenner is one of the founding members of Real Dynamics. For more than 10 years he has lead successful enterprise data management, business intelligence, and analytics projects using the full or partial Microsoft stack and best-in-class vendor platforms like MicroStrategy and Tableau.  For more information on Real Dynamics services, please contact us at info@realdynamics.com.

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Real Dynamics is one of the first Microsoft Dynamics AX IV&Vs (Independent Verification and Validation services provider).   Our goal is to help businesses and their internal IT teams take their Dynamics AX implementation to the next level with independent and unbiased recommendations.  "Where were you before?  I wish we had found you sooner!" - This is something we hear a lot as we uncover opportunities for customers to realize the true potential of their Dynamics AX investments.

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