How to Handle Multi-Company for Microsoft Dynamics SL versus GP

June 20 2011

Having worked for Solomon Software for 9 years, people assume that I prefer Dynamics SL over Dynamics GP. If there is any truth to this, it is only because I know Dynamics SL better. I do think Dynamics GP is pretty special.

Dynamics GP impresses in the financial module and integration tool areas. If there is one financial module area where Dynamics SL is superior to Dynamics GP, out of the box, it is in the area of Multi-Company.

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Jack founded Boyer & Associates in 1994 with a vision to create a firm that could attract and keep the area’s best ERP consultants, developers, and business development people.

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Jack’s career began doing application and sales support for Solomon Software- the firm that created Dynamics SL. Jack was promoted to regional manager when the firm moved him from Philadelphia to Chicago in 1988.

Jack believes that finding the right software is only a piece of the challenge in implementing software. Without the right people to implement it, you only have half a solution. You need the right business analyst to flush out a company’s requirements and you need the right consultants to make the software align with those needs.

Jack has an honors degree in accounting from Penn State (1984) and passed the CPA exam while at Boyer & Associates.

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Good article and the accountant in me agrees, however, the driving force behind the purchase of a new accounting system is, unfortunately, rarely left to the Accountants. Like all 4 MBS products, the customer need drives the purchase. If companies are in similar LOBs the single database works great. For companies that have disparate LOBs, the control and management of separate databases is often preferred. The reality hits when Supply Chain, Operations Management, Multi-Currency, and other pesky functional areas drive the decision. If only the Accounts had the final say, life would be swell with GP and SL!


See Multi-Currency comments below.

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Thank you for your comment. I agree that accountants can't always dictate what they buy when more than financial modules are being considered. Separating Lines of Business by database is an option with either SL or GP however. If an organization needs straight forward and easy order processing as opposed to feature rich and highly configurable sales order processing-we go with GP. If the opposite is true, we go with SL in situations where distribution modules dictate the selection.

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Mr Boyer - That was a good article to say the least - I am a GP resource but having been in this area for 10+ years, I don't always get an opportunity to contrast the different products as much as I should (my employer has resources for all the Dynamics ERPs). I enjoyed hearing what Binary Stream's MEM can do vs SL out-of-the-box and agree that the Binary Stream module is very robust and covers a lot of ground. You wrapped up nicely by talking about National Accounts, Collections Management, etc. It would be great to see more articles like this in the future where objective comparisons are made. Customers ask questions like this all the time, and we in this space should help them with their due diligence to the best of our ability so they can leverage all that the Dynamics product line offers, which is a great deal if you ask me! Thx, Bob

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I appreciate your comments. I know Jason Gumpert, the editor of this site, is interested in these types of comparisons and plans to have more.


Jack – good article. I didn’t see the topic of currency mentioned. A big challenge for any SL client with multiple companies is expanding multi-nationally with multiple currencies. While Dynamics SL out of the box does not handle this, with a combination of labor intensive data entry and monitoring of exchange rates, some customers have made it work. However, Admiral Consulting Group has developed a Multi-Currency Intercompany (MCIC) solution built into Dynamics SL which fully automates the GL, AP and AR functions for transactions involving multiple currencies. This solution has saved customers many days each month in the closing process. In addition, MCIC automates the situation where the companies have a customer/vendor relationship with AR to AP multicurrency processing. An Intercompany Allocation module is also available. The website is Email is

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Aaron, Thanks very much for your post. We've run into that situation once for sure where the multi-currency did not work as well as we would have liked in a mult-company scenario. Of our 125 SL clients howevever, only about 20 use Multi-Company however. Our GP experience is similar with slightly fewer clients. I'm sure firms on both coasts have that issue with needing multiple currencies and multiple companies. Here in Minneapolis, the demand for both has been light. We will share with this one client your solution.