Four Reasons to Implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL Sooner Rather Than Later

October 27 2008

Now is the perfect time to be implementing Microsoft Dynamics® GP or SL accounting software.

You may well be asking, "Is this guy nuts? The economy's tanking, people are pulling in their horns, and you want me to spend money and time on new accounting software?"

About Paul Farrell

Paul Farrell is president of Wizard Productivity Systems (, developer of the Wizard Accounting Solutions for purchasing, installing and learning Microsoft Dynamics® GP and SL. Paul has more than 25 years of management and business development experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the Internet, media and enterprise software industries. Paul has held executive positions managing high-level client relationships at such renowned companies as AOL, where he served as Senior Vice President of Business Development. He has a wealth of experience in developing and leading highly effective multi-disciplinary teams.

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I covered some additional items in my article at: Though I had GP in mind when I wrote it. The same goes for SL Steve Chapman Rose Business Solutions