Fixed Asset Posting Profile Setup in Microsoft Dynamics AX

May 4 2013

Fixed asset posting profile is one of the most difficult subledger setups in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Setting up a subledger posting profile depends on the financial processes in a company.  In this article I will explain posting profile setup with simple examples, with the assumption that you already have basic knowledge of accounting.

Below is the ideal Fixed Asset lifecycle. The setup of the fixed asset posting profile in Dynamics AX should follow these stages, as we will see below.

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nyt963's picture

Hi Can anyone assist me on how to setup the posting profile for fixed asset disposal, where the client uses separate accounts for Gains on disposal of fixed asset and Loss on disposal of fixed asset. Thank you's picture

Hello NYT963, If there are two different accounts for gain and loss, then its better to setup the posting profile with either Gain account or Loss account, but when you post the journal, you need to change the account. For example 18011 is a Gain account and 18022 is a Loss account. If you set posting profile with 18011 i.e. gain account, and if you want to post journal for loss entry, then in journal line you need to change the account to 18022 i.e. loss account. This can only be the solution in your case. Generally there is only one FA account for maintaining gain or loss on sale/scrap. Regards, Aleem

AxelHenaux's picture

Hi, The introduced setup for disposal scrap don't work. If you try to post a disposal journal, you'll ge the error message about the missing accounts for acquisition and acquisition adjustment. Any idea?

hmburhan's picture

Hi, I did not face this error before. However, please answer the following question, otherwise share the full error message along with Fixed assets transactions. You can send me the email to "" Have you setup the posting profile for Acquisition and Acquisition adjustment. Cheers,'s picture

Salam. Dear Burhan, you are using the cost account in offset account field of FA disposal sale but I have gone through a blog in Microsoft Dynamics Community where Mr. Aamer is using the FA gain/loss account. The steps given by Mr. Amer are as follows: You have to do the following steps four times starting by select value model, FA group, group ID, and post value, sales value type, ledger account, and offset account. hereunder the differences in the steps:- 1- Depreciation (prior years), the total depreciations of prior years will be reversed, ledger account is the accumulated depreciation account, the offset account is Fixed Assets Gain/Loss Account 2- Depreciation (this year) the total depreciations of this year will be reversed, ledger account is the accumulated depreciation account, the offset account is Fixed Assets Gain/Loss Account 3- Acquisition value, the acquisition value will be reversed, ledger account is fixed assets account, and the offset account is Fixed Assets Gain/Loss Account 4- Net book value, ledger account is Fixed Assets Gain/Loss Account, and offset account is Fixed Assets Gain/Loss Account Pasting the link for reference: Could you please comment on what is the correct setup Awaiting your reply at the earliest. Thanks, Aleem A

hmburhan's picture

Hi Aleem, This is the benefit of ERP system; you can configure the system according to your business requirements. You have to confirm the financial impact with CFO before configuring fixed assets disposal sale posting profile. Generally, fixed asset accounting activities comply with government regulations, so it may change country to country. I have provided the examples of financial impact for each configuration; if your requirements are matched with given financial impact then you can use this setup. I hope this make sense. Cheers,

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I want to be Consultant in AX2009 Is it possible to help me

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I have benefited greatly from this wonderful article But a possible explanation on AX2009

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Hi, Please let me know, what kind of explanation do you require for Dynamics AX 2009. Cheers, Burhan's picture

Hi Muhammad, Thank you for posting the set up instruction for fixed asset posting profile. On the Acquisition, you had the Offset account blank. If I leave it blank, when I go and acquire the asset, it wouldn't post. It asked that I fill in the account for the Offset account. Any suggestion on which account I should use for the Offset account? I tried gain/loss but my fixed asset accounts are not reconciled. Thanks