Five Clear Indications You Must Upgrade Your Microsoft Dynamics GP Application…And Three Ways to Get Started


While this article is intended to be funny in nature, there's nothing funny about an outdated Microsoft Dynamics GP application: missing out on the latest technology and reporting capabilities while still feeling the burden of complex processes, bugs, lack of support, and fewer professionals with the expertise in your particular release.

In fact, studies show that putting off software upgrades can end up costing your organization as much as the original implementation itself when you factor in penalties for renewed software maintenance plans, the complex (and sometimes convoluted) upgrade path needed to get you to the most current software release, and the number of support hours that go into rebuilding modified forms, reports, and possible customizations, among other headaches.

So here are 5 indications you need to upgrade:


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About Mariano Gomez

Mariano Gomez is a Microsoft MVP, PMP and EVP for Midmarket Solutions at Intelligent Partnerships, LLC. He is the original developer of the Microsoft Dynamics GP Spanish release for Latin America and has been consulting and implementing technology solutions for organizations across the United States, the Caribbean, and Latin America for the last 20 years. Mariano holds an MIS degree from the University of Phoenix.

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With over 150 years of combined management and technology consulting experience, Intelligent Partnerships skillfully partners with organizations to solve complex problems, boost operating performance and maximize value for stakeholders. 

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For goodness sakes...upgrade!

Can I please copy this and send to the few clients of our who haven't upgraded :) I will add these to the list of features that make life SO much easier, like:
1. Configurable EFTs.
2. The Copy function on Journals.
3. The AP edit checks single screen (instead of five)...
4. Additional smartlists!
5. Multiple windows.

Thanks again for the entertainment, while speaking the truth!

Abra Gilman
Collins Computing, Inc.