Critical Details of 2011 Payroll Tax Changes for Microsoft Dynamics GP

January 13 2011

The 2011 payroll tax changes are wreaking havoc with Microsoft Dynamics GP's 2010 payroll module closing and reports.  It is absolutely vital to get the correct payroll code and tax table changes installed in the correct sequence.  Here are the problems, what you should do if you've got these problems, and the correct sequence in plain English.

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Hal_Steinkopf's picture

Well, tax rate changes can be relied upon to be passed just-in-time (for sole proprietors) and too late to properly react to for everyone else. We are used to that by now! The monkey wrench is the departure from equal burdens for the employer and employee as far as FICA SS goes. There is not excuse for that to have happened. Whoever passed that little administrative order (or whatever it was) must have realized that software companies had very good reason to count on this little piece always being equal (for employer and employee). Employers everywhere should revolt! They should send a bill for all the required extra work directly to their representative in Congress. This fiasco really added a lot of pavement to the road leading to you-know-where.