The Challenge of Integrating WMS Systems to ERP Platforms: Utilizing EDI-Style Messages

June 22 2015

The integration of disparate best of breed WMS solutions to ERP platforms is an increasingly common trend in the emerging enterprise market space. In many cases the decision to mesh these critical technologies is driven by economics and project scope, however, the most common reason is simple - the WMS system is working well, but the ERP platform needs replaced.

About Glenn McPeak

Glenn is an expert in the electronic integration of supply chain activities with 29 Years of ERP and integrated EDI experience in system analysis, product design, software development, consulting and project management. Glenn has managed and/or executed over 250 successful ERP and EDI related projects in a wide array of manufacturing and distribution oriented industries. Glenn holds a Bachelor of Science degree with highest distinction from Babson College, is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma academic honor society and holds numerous Microsoft Certifications. Visit Data Masons to learn more about our powerful EDI solution for Dynamics, Vantage Point EDI.

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