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How to Identify the Areas in Your Warehouse That Can Best Benefit from Automation

Automating warehouse processes for a greater return on investment

GP User Group Roundtable Webinar: Managing Compliance - July 15 2008

In this exciting GPUG Roundtable webcast, GP User Group members discuss their experiences with managing compliance. GPUG members explored this topic in round table format at Convergence (IDUG11), but its popularity deserves more GPUG attention! Is your company struggling to keep the accountants and auditors happy with the data contained within GP. Is your internal control structure supported by GP adequate? Not sure how to respond to your Executives when they start asking questions about Compliance?
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Software That Aids in State Sales and Use Tax Filings Using Microsoft Dynamics Becomes Increasingly Popular

Use Microsoft Dynamics to Generate BI That Delivers Organization-Wide Value

A solution to address the common pitfalls of typical BI systems
Mariano Gomez on GP

Set Up Microsoft Dynamics GP Test and Production Environments on a Budget

GP Insights

Five Ways to Use Microsoft Dynamics GP to Save Cash and Aid Productivity During a Downturn

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