Cincom Solution Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics AX

About This Solution

The Cincom Solution Configurator is much more than just a product configurator - it's a comprehensive guided selling tool driven by a highly flexible business rules engine.  Seamlessly embedded within Microsoft Dynamics AX, it guides selection and configuration of any type of product or service.  It includes everything from needs-driven product recommendations to configuration, pricing, visualization, and generation of extensive proposal and manufacturing outputs.     

The same centrally managed configurator can also be integrated into Dynamics CRM and eCommerce solutions to support all sales channels using any desktop or mobile device.  Components include:

  • Guided Selling and Configuration Services: Make every sales rep a "product expert" by delivering a complete role-tailored user experience for quoting and ordering.
  • Configured Output Generators: Automate creation of a wide range of deliverables, including the bills of material, drawings, 3D models, rendered images and custom outputs.
  • Management Studio: Easily capture and management product, pricing and sales knowledge and quickly create highly tailored user experiences.    
  • Options Manager: Enable marketing personnel to easily manage data, policies and assets associated with product features and options outside the rules model. 

The Cincom Solution Configurator is a common component of the Cincom Manufacturing Business Suite and the Cincom Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) platform.

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More About This Vendor

Cincom is the Microsoft Dynamics Global Strategic Partner for Manufacturing. Since 1968, Cincom has delivered enterprise-class software solutions that help leading companies around the world do what is most important - consistently win more business, operate efficiently and deliver as promised.

Today, we are delivering solutions that enhance Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics AX with advanced capabilities needed to serve manufacturers of complex products. We understand the challenges manufacturers face when selling, making and servicing highly engineered products based on customer-specific proposals, contracts, or projects. Our solutions place control into the hands of end-business users, enabling them to meet to meet the demands of their customer demands accurately and efficiently.