Paribus Interactive™ for Microsoft Dynamics 365

About This Solution

QGate's Paribus Solutions provide the complete duplicate data management capabilities for Dynamics 365/CRM, deploying our sophisticated fuzzy match engine to intelligently identify duplicates within your CRM.

Paribus Interactive provides the PREVENTION of duplicate CRM data with our pro-active duplicate detection capabilities (data governance) and general fuzzy search engine to quickly and easily find data in your CRM. The Paribus Interactive search engine also works across multiple CRM entities.

Paribus Interactive is a cloud based solution that works across Accounts, Contacts and Leads.  The solution considers people and companies and therefore can find a "person" with a single search, whether they are a Contact or Lead.  Paribus Interactive works very well with limited information.  For example, it will find people or companies even when the user only remembers part of the company or person's name.    Paribus Interactive is embedded within standard forms, providing an intuitive user experience.  It can be added to any CRM form requiring "lookup" capability and is applied to CRM Opportunities and Cases by default.

Paribus Discovery provides the CURE to existing duplicate CRM data, using fuzzy matching capabilities to identify duplicates and managed processes to merge/consolidate duplicates into a single master record.

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