AbleBridge EditAble CRM Grid for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

About This Solution

AbleBridge's EditAble CRM Grid is a flexible Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add On that allows you to build extraordinary Microsoft Dynamics CRM forms.

EditAble CRM Grid supports in-line edits, flexible layout options, in-line controls, Microsoft Excel export, section grouping, sorting, totals and much more.

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More About This Vendor

What are the most popular add on tools to improve Microsoft Dynamics CRM? Our users love EditAble CRM Grid and Project Management for Dynamics CRM. EditAble CRM Grid allows you to quickly edit, group, sort, filter and calculate data on CRM pages. Project Management gives you the core project cost accounting capabilities you need to manage projects after the sale, integrated right into Dynamics CRM.

AbleBridge CRM Add On solutions extend the "out of the box" functionality in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. They allow for a richer user experience and improved business efficiencies across your organization.

Visit our website for overview videos for all of our Dynamics CRM Add On Tools - EditAble CRM Grid, Project Management for Dynamics CRM, BenefitsBridge for Insurance, Lead Management, Sales Pipeline Management and Document Management.