elevateAD®: Active Directory Integration for Dynamics 365

About This Solution

elevateAD®, Elevate HR's Active Directory Integration App, automates enterprise security management for employees, vendors, customers-anyone who needs access.  We create Active Directory user accounts from Dynamics 365 transactions, apply security by policy, and synchronize all actions: from onboarding, to updates, to disabling access during offboarding. 

With elevateAD, Active Directory (AD) management is the automatic outcome of everyday business processes. Configure policy- and date-driven parameters so when users enter a contact, onboard a vendor, or hire an employee, elevateAD creates and activates corresponding AD user accounts. Bidirectional synchronization between Dynamics 365 and AD provides your company's employees, customers, or vendors the access they need, when they need it, without delay or manual intervention. Terminate an employee or end a contract, and elevateAD automatically deactivates AD user accounts and cancels access to all systems. elevateAD respects AD account security options, including Kerberos DES encryption types, smart card interactive logins, and sensitive accounts.

elevateAD can install and operate independently of Elevate HR's other software products.  Or it can install alongside Elevate HR Solutions for D365.  When combined, elevateAD leverages our powerful HCM Process WizardsTM to better manage the entire employee life cycle, from employee actions to automatic Active Directory transactions!


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Certified for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX

More About This Vendor

Elevate HR, Inc is the world's preeminent, dedicated provider of global Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions and implementation services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent, Dynamics 365 HCM Enterprise, and Dynamics AX.

Elevate HR's heritage as the developer of the original HCM modules in Dynamics AX and 365 gives us both a long history and a close ongoing relationship with Microsoft. As an ISV, we remain closely aligned with Microsoft on product development to ensure delivery of software solutions that evolve in lockstep with all platform updates and new releases.  We are known for the precision of our software and for our unparalleled deep expertise in Human Resource and Payroll business processes, Human Capital Management Technology, and Business Transformation.

We work directly with Customers to consult on Business process and implement the full HCM solution, as well as through our Microsoft Partners, as "their Partners' Partner," for all HCM solutions across Microsoft platforms.