Remote Warehouse Integration EDI

About This Solution

Does your company use or plan to use Remote (Third Party Logistics, or “3PL”) Warehouses for the distribution of goods? If so, many warehouses utilize electronic business document exchange to increase efficiency and eliminate errors. If you are using Vantage Point EDI®, these documents can be transmitted directly from Microsoft Dynamics® sales order pick tickets.

Remote (3PL) Warehouse EDI documents are separated into two transactions: the 940 Warehouse Shipping Order and 945 Warehouse Shipping Advice. The 940 is a request to ship document that directs the Remote (3PL) Warehouse to ship an order with all of the associated shipment detail including items and customer ship-to information. The 945 Shipment Advice is returned from the Remote (3PL) Warehouse which provides the information necessary to invoice the customer or even send the Advanced Ship Notice (ASN) from Vantage Point EDI.



Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX
Certified for Microsoft Dynamics GP