CafeX Live Assist for Microsoft Dynamics 365

About This Solution

Today's customers demand a seamless experience, instant access, and rapid problem resolution. To meet and exceed these demands, leading brands must respond with innovative approaches.

CaféX Live Assist brings omnichannel engagement to Microsoft Dynamics 365, empowering organizations and customer-facing teams to resolve issues faster, improve productivity and drive online sales.  Hosted in the Azure cloud and jointly developed with Microsoft, this solution extends personalized assistance and targeted campaigns to customers in web pages and mobile apps. Agents can chat with online visitors, see their screens, co-browse, push files, fill out forms remotely and much more, all from within Dynamics 365. CaféX Live Assist for Dynamics 365 is Microsoft's preferred omnichannel solution and includes not only chat, co-browse, and campaign management, but also expanded bot integration, mobile support, voice/video escalation, and support for both customer and sales engagement.  All with single pane of glass simplicity and seamless integration to Dynamics 365. Visit

More About This Vendor

CaféX is the award-winning provider of one-click collaboration solutions designed to help enterprises enhance team productivity and customer engagement within digital channels. Trusted by top global banks and other leading brands, CaféX empowers employees and guests to work together securely without friction from virtually anywhere using their preferred devices and tools.