Atlas for Microsoft Dynamics

About This Solution

Securely mix and blend live data in Excel for dynamic insight into any business function. With Atlas for Dynamics, users have one platform that will consolidate data from Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX and other key business systems into a single report. Cutting-edge integration features enable users to design, build, and share real-time reporting in Excel spreadsheets and visualize the data using Power BI or customizable Atlas dashboards.

  • Insert live data from different systems into any Microsoft Office document
  • Upload capabilities allow users to create new records as well as edit and replace existing ones directly from Excel
  • Collect data from any number of enterprise data sources in real time and visualize in one easy-to-read report
  • Real-time access to business systems ensures information is always the most accurate and up to date.
  • Easy and logical out-of-the-box integration between Dynamics and Microsoft Office

insightsoftware-formerly Global Software, Inc.-turns financial and operational data into better business outcomes that drive growth and ROI. Through turnkey reporting and performance management solutions such as Atlas for Dynamics, insightsoftware provides real time access to data-driven insights in an efficient, cost-effective, and secure manner via integration with 130+ ERP systems and Microsoft Excel.


More About This Vendor

insightsoftware is on a mission to help companies turn their financial & operational data into better business outcomes that drive growth and ROI. Through their innovative, turn-key reporting and performance management solutions, insightsoftware provides users with real-time access to data-driven insights in an efficient, cost-effective and secure manner. Featuring integration support for over 130 tier 1 and tier 2 ERP systems, as well as full integration into Microsoft Excel, the company has the experience and flexibility to help business leaders unlock the power of their business data so they can understand, manage and optimize their business with ease.