ZAP Awarded U.S. Patent for Its Content-Driven Approach to Business Intelligence

Patent covers the method by which ZAP Business Intelligence software can rapidly deliver hundreds of pre-built analytics for Microsoft Dynamics applications.


San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

ZAP, a business intelligence software provider for Microsoft Dynamics business applications, today announced that it has been awarded a U.S. patent for its content driven approach to the deployment of business intelligence solutions, enhancing its position as a leader in the Microsoft Dynamics BI reporting market.

"This patent reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and the importance of intellectual property that delivers real business outcomes for our customers," said ZAP CEO Matthew Lingard. "Our goal is to continue to pioneer new BI techniques that increase the use of business intelligence across an enterprise and improve the way the industry delivers BI solutions."

The U.S. patent covers the method by which ZAP's business intelligence software can rapidly deliver hundreds of pre-built business ready calculations, reports, visualizations and dashboards for Microsoft Dynamics applications even if the underlying application has been heavily modified and customized.

The technology simplifies and expedites the deployment of industry aligned analytic solutions by allowing consultants to rapidly map the pre-built content to a business's own context and terminology. This greatly reduces the burden on IT and rapidly empowers the business user to access the valuable information stored within the business applications. This process enables the entire business intelligence solution to be deployed in days rather than months.

This technology is now allowing the Dynamics community who have partnered with ZAP, to invest in their own industry specific business intelligence solutions as our innovative platform supports the development and deployment of pre-built BI solutions by third-party partner organizations.

The patented technology reduces ongoing maintenance costs for enterprises in terms of human resource costs by keeping BI solutions intact when the underlying business applications that create the data are updated or modified. In short, the invention provides rapid, easy and a more efficient way of connecting users to corporate data.

About ZAP

With customers across 30 countries and many Microsoft Inner-Circle and President's Club partners, ZAP is focused on delivering rapidly deployed, business-focused business intelligence software and solutions.

Unlike other BI companies that are just focused on features and functionality, ZAP focuses primarily on what is needed for rapid uptake and effective use of BI across the enterprise. Our applications have state-of-the-art features but ZAP's essential difference is that we focus on the content itself; which can be immediately made available to the users.

This removes the burden of the end-user from trying to figure out first how to use the software provided, and second what questions they should try to answer with the tools.

ZAP's software is such that BI content can be pre-built, packaged, maintained and reused.

This allows ZAP and its business partners to apply their deep industry expertise and data analysis skills to create business intelligence solutions for applications (like Microsoft Dynamics) with specific industry focuses (Retail, Manufacturing, etc.) with BI deployments that are rapid, deliver immediate business outcomes and are tailored for each user in an enterprise. For more information visit: