Tribridge Expands Healthcare Offerings on Microsoft AppSource with Health360 Engagement Center

TAMPA, Fla., June 6, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Tribridge today announced its Health360 Engagement Center solution is the latest Tribridge Health360 module available on Microsoft AppSource, extending the company's commitment to delivering solutions for personalized, value-based patient care around the world. The Health360 Engagement Center module enables health practitioners to better understand their patients - behaviors, preferences, goals and challenges - to create stronger relationships needed to deliver personalized care. Microsoft AppSource is a resource for organizations seeking cloud applications tailored for their industry and business needs.

The Engagement Center module serves as the foundation of the Tribridge Health360 suite,  a comprehensive population health management solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Azure that is pre-configured to meet healthcare requirements. In addition to Tribridge Health360 Engagement Center, AppSource already features Health360 Care Coordination, a module that helps practitioners proactively plan and coordinate care, leveraging embedded clinical protocols and best practices.

"Health360 Engagement Center is designed from the ground up specifically for the healthcare industry to enable deeper, more meaningful relationships with patients," said Damon Auer, vice president of Health and Life Sciences at Tribridge. "We're committed to furthering value-based care, and our team is thrilled that Microsoft AppSource is helping us reach more healthcare organizations and their patients worldwide." 

Health360 Care Coordination is currently the most downloaded healthcare app on AppSource and the fourth highest downloaded app across all industries. The Health360 Engagement Center solution is available via a free 30-day trial version on Microsoft AppSource.

"Tribridge is helping to lead the digital transformation in healthcare with its innovative Health360 solution powered by the Microsoft Cloud," said Andrew Tran, senior manager, Worldwide Health Industry at Microsoft. "The Health360 Engagement Center module on Microsoft AppSource will give healthcare providers across the globe access to cutting-edge technology that can improve patient outcomes, expand access to care and increase efficiencies, underpinned by Microsoft's commitment to cloud security, regulatory compliance and transparency."

The Tribridge Health360 Suite is comprised of four modules in addition to Engagement Center: Care Coordination, Consumer Engagement, Consumer Experience and Care Network Management. Health360 also provides telehealth triage protocols from Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content and evidence-based chronic disease management protocols from Dartmouth-Hitchcock. Health360 leverages data from EMRs and other health IT systems to present a consumer-first, 360-degree "Golden Record" view of patients to ensure more personalized interactions and create better overall care experiences.

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