Scribe Gives Integration Developers Greater Control with Expanded API Capabilities

New API calls help SaaS providers, SIs, and enterprises embed integrations into their applications and accelerate the creation of custom integrations

Manchester, NH - June 21, 2016 - Scribe Software, a global data integration leader, today announced a number of significant additions to the REST application programming interface (API) for Scribe Online, the company's integration platform as a service (iPaaS). These new features dramatically expand the scope of the API, giving SaaS providers, SIs, and enterprises far greater ability to embed integrations into applications and accelerating the development of custom integrations for their customers and/or users.

"Virtually every business application becomes more valuable to its users when it is tied to other systems and data sources through a reliable, configured integration," said Shawn McGowan, CEO at Scribe. "The expanded Scribe Online API allows developers to embed our iPaaS capabilities into their applications much more easily so they can develop connected processes with less effort than ever before and easily tailor the integration to the unique needs of every deployment."

Scribe's new API offers these critical new capabilities:

  • Loading metadata for Connections:  An application can use this API call to get immediate access to comprehensive metadata from a target application, including what entities, fields, and relationships are exposed through Scribe Online for an integration project. Since the metadata also includes information about custom objects, entities, and relationships, this call allows an application to easily discover the unique aspects of a configured application, such as custom objects in a Salesforce instance.  The information is provided in a standard form for all applications in Scribe's marketplace, eliminating the need for solution developers to learn the unique aspects of each application's API.  This call, therefore, accelerates integration projects and eliminates the need to maintain a large staff of developers to track API changes for specific applications.
  • Creating, updating, and deleting Basic and Advanced Integration Maps: With this capability, an application can change or customize data mappings based on the metadata of the target application.  Because the metadata describes how an application has been uniquely configured, this API call allows organizations to develop custom integrations at scale - shortening the time to create integrations that are customized for a unique application configuration.

"The new API functionality, especially the ability to create/modify data mappings programmatically, gives us tremendous capabilities to improve the business processes for our manufacturing and distribution customers," said TJ McDowell, Software Architect at Datix. "Our expertise is in making all the enterprise software systems within an organization work better together and Scribe's API gives us the added control we need to accelerate these projects."

The expanded API adheres to the principles of RESTful Web services and is part of the Scribe Toolkit, along with the Fast Connector Framework and the Connector Development Kit.  The Toolkit is for developers that want to add new connectivity endpoints to the Scribe Online iPaaS or want to interact directly with the platform from within their own or industry-leading applications or cloud services.
Additional highlights of Scribe's API include the ability to:

  • Easily implement both Integration and Replication Solutions, including custom data mappings which provide verbose validation.
  • Provision integrations for customers including the ability to install connectors and both cloud and on-premises agents.
  • Configure Scribe's pre-built application connectors to retrieve metadata and custom objects which can be used to create customized data mappings.
  • Run and schedule integrations.
  • Monitor and manage an integration throughout its lifecycle using information on the status of the integration, a detailed execution history, and performance data such as records that have been processed.
  • Create and delete child organizations under a parent organization.

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The Scribe Software iPaaS, Scribe Online, serves as an agile data integration solution for enterprises, major independent software vendors, software as a service (SaaS) providers, systems integrators, value added resellers, and digital marketing agencies. Scribe Online is renowned for exceptional ease of use, configurability at scale, and integration lifecycle management. For a free trial of Scribe Online, visit