Sana Commerce releases “customer experience” e-commerce platform

April 26, 2017: Sana Commerce has announced today the latest release of its B2B e-commerce platform puts customers at the center of organizations' sales process. Dubbed by Sana as its "customer experience" update, the new release delivers not just a private web store but also a platform for driving e-commerce growth across all channels. In addition to new features to create an intuitive customer experience, Sana 9.2 increases customers' access to data held in the ERP system to improve personalization, aid buying decisions and provide financial insights.

Sana 9.2 comes in response to the growing demand for customer-centric B2B buying experiences. With over 63% of all B2B purchases taking place online and 82% of business buyers saying that personalized customer care has an influence on their loyalty, the new features focus on improving customer experience to increase online sales and customer retention.

New features in Sana 9.2 include two additional design and 25 language packs along with new content add-ons like in-page navigation that help companies create more intuitive online purchasing processes, reducing the likelihood of lost sales or customer dissatisfaction. Support for an increased choice of payment and delivery services, and a guest checkout feature means companies can attract B2C customers as well as B2B.

Sana 9.2's enhanced integration with a breadth of payment systems lets customers choose how they pay for an order, whether over time, after delivery, or immediately using a credit card. In addition to support for standard payment providers, such as PayPal, Docdata, DIBS and Ingenico, Sana 9.2 adds support for Klarna and AfterPay using the Ingenico PSP. It also adds new integration with Buckaroo PSP, Sage Pay PSP and Cybersource PSP.

Complex and bulk purchasing is also supported through the ability to import a CSV file containing order details directly into the shopping cart making it easier and quicker.

In addition to improving the customer experience, the new release also aims to support companies in their growth ambitions. Using the new product feed export, add-on sellers can quickly and accurately export product data from Sana using data feed management tools like DataFeedWatch and Channable, to other shopping engines and marketplaces including Google Shopping, Amazon Marketplace and eBay. This means companies can reach new potential customers and run marketing campaigns across the web.

A guest checkout feature means that buyers don't need to create an account, speeding up conversion rates. This means companies can attract B2C buyers as well as B2B prospects and customers: useful especially for one off purchases. 

"We kept coming back to the same question throughout the development of this release: how can we help our clients improve the customer experience in their web stores? Most of our new features and updates were created with this theme in mind, and the result is Sana 9.2: The Customer Experience Release," Michiel Schipperus, CEO at Sana said.

"It's important to have an e-commerce platform designed specifically for B2B buyers. While B2B buyers have been heavily influenced by their consumer online shopping experiences and are demanding an equivalent experience when buying on behalf of their company, offering them a B2C web store fails to use the data that companies hold internally to help their customers make more informed buying decisions," Schipperus adds. "In Sana 9.2 companies can offer their customers products online but use the information in their ERP system to provide products however the customer chooses - whether that's online, offline or both."

Additional enhancements in Sana 9.2 include:

  • Ability to use product images from the ERP solution on the web store eliminates need to upload images multiple times
  • Streamlined order returns that are completely and automatically integrated with the sales order processing in the ERP system
  • Customers can download sales reports that are contained in the ERP system via the web store such as invoices, delivery documents, sales orders and quotes
  • Use document management in ERP system to attach files (PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and add URLs to products in the web store
  • Integration with sales order processing and cash management modules in the ERP system means customers can pay open invoices through Sana whether created on or offline

Click here for a full list of new features included in Sana 9.2.

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