Sana Commerce Delivers ERP-Driven E-Commerce Personalization

Rotterdam, March 31 2016 - Today Sana Commerce announces the release of the latest version of their e-commerce platform known as "The Marketing Release." In addition to design templates and role and authorization support, Sana Commerce 9.1, offers a variety of new features. These include powerful online marketing tools that allow enterprises of all sizes to make major advancements in the efficiency of their sales processes and ensure that their business is ready for the future of online sales.

Predictive Ordering

Sana Commerce now lets businesses address their users' needs even before they become aware of these themselves. A sophisticated expansion of Sana's ERP integration enables predictive ordering by analyzing trends in customer behavior and using this data to predict future orders.

"The innovative predictive ordering not only stresses our integrated approach," Michiel Schipperus, CEO of Sana Commerce said. "It is also fully in line with the digital world around us that demands this kind of sales optimization."

Extensive Marketing Capabilities

The new release also introduces a range of powerful marketing tools that help Sana Commerce users further grow their business. Version 9.1 enables marketing content personalization, targeted email marketing and A/B testing. Moreover, the web store's efficiency is enhanced by the option to send customers an abandoned cart notification, which will optimize order conversion rates.

Future-Proof E-Commerce

"We help companies taking the first hard step in selling online, or in improving what they already have," Schipperus said. "The release of Sana Commerce 9.1 is all about helping companies reach their full potential by having an e-commerce platform that is integrated with their ERP system. That's what we call ‘the shortcut to e-commerce.'"

About Sana Commerce

Sana delivers fully integrated e-commerce solutions for Microsoft Dynamics and SAP that help wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers reach their full potential and grow their online success. 


Sana has implemented over 1,000 web stores and has a global network of partners. Our global presence includes a local office in New York, our headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and several other locations throughout Europe, Asia and Australia.


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