Salesfusion Raises Marketing Automation Bar with Predictive Lead Scoring

New predictive analytics deliver on the promise of marketing automation by intelligently identifying and prioritizing the best sales leads

Atlanta, Georgia-March 5, 2014-Salesfusion released a new version of its industry leading mid-market marketing automation platform today, making the Atlanta-based company the first marketing automation platform with integrated predictive lead scoring. This technology was obtained when it acquired LoopFuse last month.  Advancing a concept Salesfusion calls "smart marketing automation," predictive lead scoring uses sophisticated analytics to accurately identify and prioritize a marketer's highest-potential sales prospects.  The new version of Salesfusion is on display this week at Microsoft Convergence.  

With Salesfusion's predictive lead scoring, sales leads are scored automatically by the platform according to characteristics of previously successful sales conversions.  Like the popular online music service Pandora, Salesfusion users will now be able to tell the system, "show me more leads like this" or "show me fewer leads like that" to improve the power and accuracy of search results, allowing sales teams to maximize time spent on higher-quality opportunities.

Until now, this technology has been out of reach for mid-market companies due to high cost and the complexity of integrating predictive analytics into a third-party system. Salesfusion is the first marketing automation platform vendor to deliver integrated predictive lead scoring in a mid-market solution, giving marketers an easy, powerful, and more accurate way to qualify leads.

"Lead scoring for marketers in mid-market companies is a frustratingly manual and arbitrary process that almost always fails to deliver on its promise of identifying the most highly qualified sales leads," says Robert Pease, VP of Product Marketing at Salesfusion and former LoopFuse CEO.  "The time and complexity it requires likely explains why lead scoring is so underused in marketing organizations today.  In fact a recent survey reported that only 33% of companies using marketing automation are also employing lead scoring."

Christian Nahas, CEO at Salesfusion, added, "When we talk to the market, we hear that the traditional marketing automation systems haven't delivered on the promise of bringing sales and marketing together. We believe a marketing automation platform should not only be powerful, but the data should be accurate and the tools should be easy to use," Nahas continued, "Smart marketing automation is about doing more than reducing friction between sales and marketing, it's about removing it. With Salesfusion's predictive lead scoring, sales and marketing teams get real-time feedback and actionable data."

Salesfusion's marketing automation platform is changing the game by making lead scoring much more accurate than ever before. Applying big data analytics to the information companies already have in their platform and finding leads that are more likely to close, predictive lead scoring is not only smarter, but easier to use. Because Salesfusion's predictive lead scoring gets smarter as more data is accumulated, marketing is able to get real, accurate feedback and results based on sales results, eliminating the communication problem sales and marketing teams have traditionally battled.

By adding predictive lead scoring to the Salesfusion cloud-based marketing automation platform, companies avoid the need to purchase and integrate another application.  This functionality is available for all Salesfusion customers immediately and integrates with the several CRM platforms that the company supports, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

About Salesfusion

Salesfusion's mission is to help marketers attract new opportunities, convert them into customers and nurture them into lifetime relationships. With Salesfusion, some of the best marketers today are not only driving quality leads into the sales funnel, they are automating the lead to revenue process. Salesfusion is more than marketing automation, it is the only lead to revenue platform you will ever need.