PowerObjects’ New Release of PowerWebForm Add-on for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Now Integrates with GoToWebinar

PowerWebForm Enhancement Allows Web Form data to Sync Directly to GoToMeeting

Minneapolis, Minnesota - March 05, 2015

PowerObjects-a professional services firm 100% focused on providing Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions-has released a new version of PowerWebForm, an add-on that pulls data from web forms and writes it back to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With the new enhancements, PowerWebForm can now be used gather GoToWebinar registrations, automatically creating CRM contacts or leads from registrants' data.

PowerObjects developed the PowerWebForm add-on to capture internet leads. The add-on allows users to create web forms in Microsoft Dynamics CRM without any previous coding knowledge. This includes the ability to customize the forms to include text boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down menus, and more.

The idea to develop an integration between PowerWebForm and GoToWebinar came out of the company's own need. PowerObjects had been using GoToWebinar to host several webinars per month as a way to educate current and prospective customers on the product. However, the attendee data had to be manually exported from GoToWebinar and imported into Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

"We are our own best case study," says Dean Jones, CEO at PowerObjects. "We frequently use GoToWebinar, but the process for getting those webinar leads back into CRM was time-consuming. Managing leads in several places and getting GoToWebinar data back to our CRM system was a pain. It slowed down our process for following up with webinar leads."

"We already had the PowerWebForm add-on-all we needed to do was to integrate it with GoToWebinar," says Jones. "So we did it-and now we no longer have to manage webinar leads in multiple places."

The integration will allow for a seamless web experience, so that when a registrant clicks on an event, they no longer have to go to a separate GoToWebinar registration page to sign-up. Instead they will fill out the web form provided by PowerWebForm and the solution will push the registration information not only to CRM, but to GoToMeeting as well. With this new ability all the information is owned by CRM and passed to GoToMeeting. PowerWebForm allows a user to define how a particular web form maps into CRM. The user can set up matching rules to look for existing records or how to create a new record. Now we add the ability to associate the web form with a GoToMeeting event. This allows PowerObjects to associate the matched record or the newly created record with a GoToMeeting webinar. PowerObjects then captures the data, checks for an existing record or creates a new record and then registers the person with GoToMeeting.

"It's a great way to keep folks on our site, which is important from a marketing perspective," says Jones. "Anytime we have to push people to another site to do something, we lose out on a chance to engage them with more of our own content."

PowerWebForm is compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015. Those interested can download the solution as a free 30-day trial on the PowerObjects website.

About PowerObjects
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