New To-Increase Solution Enables Businesses to Avoid Fraud and Data Theft while Streamlining User Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX

To-Increase Dynamic Security Management simplifies the management of security roles and helps companies address security and compliance challenges.

Veenendaal, Utrecht, The Netherlands July 01, 2016

To assist businesses in achieving the best possible balance between security and usability in their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems while also keeping costs under control, To-Increase is launching Dynamic Security Management for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Designed for a fast, simple implementation and easy use, the solution is available through the To-Increase partner network to any organization that uses, upgrades, or newly deploys Microsoft Dynamics AX.

To-Increase Dynamic Security Management helps companies address a common concern in managing their ERP system: Setting up security roles, managing user licenses, and keeping them current through upgrades and organizational changes are complex, lengthy tasks that often involve expensive consulting hours. Dynamic Security Management simplifies role and license management where you can simple use recording capabilities in combination with an automatic matching function. Bjorn Kuijt, Vice President of Product Management at To-Increase says, "Because of the complexity of administrating security roles and licenses in Dynamics AX, in many companies the system roles and licenses no longer match actual requirements. They face expenses for licenses they do not need, and they also incur the risk that comes with giving employees inappropriate access to information and ERP capabilities. Dynamic Security Management makes it easy for them to keep security management aligned with their business needs. As the experience of the early adopters shows, setting up and adjusting roles and licenses with Dynamic Security Management takes a fraction of the time it used to, and the license cost savings can be substantial."

In addition to matching and validating roles, Dynamic Security Management helps prevent overlapping security roles. ERP managers can review any overlapping elements in a single, consolidated form. Eliminating needless duplications in roles supports the appropriate segregation of duties, an important consideration in safeguarding sensitive information and applications from inappropriate access. Says Kuijt, "Especially when ubiquitous mobility provides an easy entry to ERP systems, companies should take action to prevent such activities as data theft, fraud, unauthorized or duplicate payments, or downloading and sharing of intellectual property. They also need to ensure that their management of data and applications is in compliance with regulatory standards. In Dynamic Security Management, they gain the tools to accomplish this by managing security and license consumption, and auditing all pertinent actions and data, within a single solution."

Dynamics AX managers can use Dynamic Security Management to manually customize roles to fit them closely to their business processes. The solution clearly presents the resulting cost and licensing consequences before they finalize any changes. In addition, an overview visualization of the current use of Dynamics AX licenses compared to already purchased licenses assists them in identifying opportunities for using them more effectively. "Beyond helping companies prevent fraudulent use of resources and data in Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamic Security Management also helps businesses optimize their processes and ERP together and gain the best returns from their ERP investment," adds Kuijt.

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