New Enhancements Make Data Integration Even Easier and Performant with the Summer Release Wave of the SSIS Integration Toolkit by KingswaySoft

Oakville, ON: KingswaySoft Inc., a leader in data integration software announces the availability of their Summer Release Wave for the SSIS Integration Toolkit. This release wave features updates to 15 of their existing data integration toolkits including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX, GP, NAV and Microsoft SharePoint. This release also includes a beta release of their newest product, the SSIS Productivity Pack which allows those already using the SSIS Integration Toolkit and other SSIS developers to increase the power of SSIS and enable greater productivity.

The Summer Release Wave of the SSIS Integration Toolkit includes performance and feature enhancements and new features to most of their product offerings. This is KingswaySoft's third release wave of the year and is evidence of their commitment to constant growth and maintaining high customer satisfaction. "We want to help our clients succeed so we work hard to continually improve our solutions so clients always have the best tools available," said Daniel Cai, Principle Developer at KingswaySoft.

The following is a brief highlight of just some of the enhancements added in the Summer Release Wave for the Microsoft Dynamics integration products:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM: The new release includes support for CRM 2016 Update 1 (v8.1). Within this new release, the toolkit enables support for using a Batch Size when the createdby or modifiedby field is mapped, this can significantly improve data migration performance when createdby field values need to be retained, a common requirement for CRM data migration. The toolkit has also enhanced its Update action to now support all 4 matching options, which makes the toolkit the only solution on the market with such comprehensive Update and Upsert capabilities.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX: The AX source component now supports using SSIS variables in the query statement, which makes it easy to build dynamic queries for integration.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP: The toolkit now supports Microsoft Dynamics GP 2016, and its NextDocNumber component now supports generating next Payment Number and Alignment Number for Payable Management.
  • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing: The new release comes with two major enhancements, it now supports working with user-defined custom fields, and the connection manager supports a new Authentication Type option which helps make it easy to work with different service bus authentication schemes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV: The new release comes with two important bug fixes that help make the software better and more robust.

The SSIS Integration Toolkit offers data integration solutions for 18 enterprise applications and 2 premium SSIS packs, including the recently release SSIS Productivity Pack. The primary objective of the pack is to make SSIS much more powerful as an ETL and integration platform, and it can significantly improve SSIS developer's productivity through the premium collection of SSIS components and tasks offered in the pack. With the SSIS Productivity Pack, developers can get their job done quicker using some of the most advanced ETL components in the industry. The SSIS Productivity Pack empowers developers to be more productive and successful in their day-to-day ETL development.

To learn more visit or reach out via email to Click here to learn more about what is new to the SSIS Integration Toolkit.

About KingswaySoft

KingswaySoft Inc. is a leading integration solution provider offering software solutions that make data integration affordable and painlessly easy. Thousands of enterprise clients from over 65 countries and regions rely on their solutions to integrate data with various application systems in order to drive their business efficiency and fully leverage their information assets. Right from the development process client success is always their first priority.

About Microsoft SSIS

Microsoft SSIS (Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services) is a platform for data integration and workflow applications. It features a fast and flexible data warehousing tool used for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL).

About the SSIS Integration Toolkit

The SSIS Integration Toolkit uses SSIS to facilitate integration with specific enterprise applications including Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP, OneDrive and Active Directory, there are currently solutions for 18 applications in total. The SSIS Integration Toolkit also features the Premium File Pack for working with cloud files as if they are local files and the new SSIS Productivity Pack which currently includes over a dozen SSIS components to enable greater developer productivity and increase the power of SSIS.