Netcom PaySystem Announces New Revenue Opportunity for ISV and SDK Firms Via Their Payment Integration Solutions

October 21, 2014 - Netcom PaySystem, a leading provider of integrated payment solutions for software vendors, has released a payments operating system suitable for use with iPhones, iPads, iOS SDK, Android SDK, Shopping Cart Developers / Web Site Developers / Hosting Companies.

Netcom PaySystem solutions is able to integrate directly into most Web pages, shopping carts, and third-party billing software. The new application provides specifications, sample code and support at no additional charge. The following tools are also provided to easily integrate the Secure Payment Gateway into various platforms: Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit), Web Order Template / Order Form Generator, Database Engine Template, Transparent Database Engine Template, Authorize.NetTM Emulation and Integration Diagnostics.

A recent report reveals that almost all organizations are wasting money on software that isn't being used ("shelfware"). 96 percent say that at least some of the software they've purchased is shelfware. A significant percentage -39 percent -- reports that 21 percent or more of their enterprise software spend is wasted on shelfware. At the same time so much waste is being reported, funds are growing scarcer. Almost two-thirds of enterprises (63 percent) say their software budgets will either stay the same or shrink over the next two years reducing the revenue generated from new sales.

An affiliate program was specifically designed with the ISV and SDK companies in mind. Those who become an affiliate will earn 25 percent of every dollar the company earns in the form of ongoing residual income for every new account that is submitted and approved for processing. This can be done by simply integrating the payment solutions with the affiliates software applications.

About Netcom PaySystem:

Netcom PaySystem prides itself on being as eager to practice good, old-fashioned customer care as it is to pioneer new products. Netcom PaySystem is proud to provide the most up to date and innovative products available on the market today such as m-Commerce Mobile Solutions, and Virtual Terminal solutions. In addition, the company offers the merchant access to POS Systems, ACH Check Services, Check Guarantee, Recurring Billing, Check21, BOC, Credit and Debit Card Processing, Gift and Loyalty Cards, and Merchant Working Capital. With a national presence, Netcom PaySystem is ready to services accounts anywhere, anytime. For more information, please visit