Metafile Information Systems Announces New MetaViewer Document Management Partnership with Catalina Technologies


Metafile Information Systems is a leading provider of AP automation and document management solutions for Microsoft Dynamics ERPs. Metafile announced today that its document management solution, MetaViewer, now seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics SL through a joint partnership with Catalina Technology.

The MetaViewer for Microsoft Dynamics SL solution has been standardized to integrate using the Catalina CTAPI Web Services, specifically the Finance Module which is a subset of available SL Web Services from Catalina. This is the most up-to-date and efficient integration method for passing data from MetaViewer to SL.

By utilizing Catalina's web service, MetaViewer is able to export non-purchase order invoices to Microsoft Dynamics SL. This allows the system to push both header and line item details to the SL Voucher and Adjustment screen.

"This innovative solution puts us squarely into the leadership position for AP automation for Microsoft Dynamics SL," Nick Sprau, VP of marketing and sales at Metafile Information Systems said.

The integration uses a browser-based interface, making it easy and efficient for AP employees to be in-the-know about where documents are in the financial process. It also will further streamline MetaViewer's current integration with Microsoft Dynamics SL.

MetaViewer has two components to its integration for Dynamics SL; lookups and exports. The lookups are handled via linked server. The exports are handled by Web Services. Lookups require read access to all the Dynamics SL databases, including all companies that will be integrated. This access is required for the MetaViewer Profile Builder workstation, the MetaViewer administration workstation, MetaViewer services and MetaViewer web application. Exports require read, write and execute access to the Dynamics SL company databases. In the MetaViewer deployment, only Web Services will require this access. It can be managed by active directory group, active directory user or by a dedicated SQL user.

"Our joint partnership means that we can continue to provide the most state-of-the-art, technologically advanced document management for Microsoft Dynamics solution possible," Sprau said. "We're excited to be able to showcase our ability to work together with Microsoft Dynamics SL and Catalina."

About Metafile

Founded in 1979 and headquartered in Rochester, Minn., Metafile is an established, independent and efficient provider of paperless document management software applications supporting accounts payable, accounts receivable and human resources departments in middle-market and large businesses nationwide. More than 3,500 organizations have translated Metafile's content management solutions into enterprise-wide value and a competitive advantage. MetaViewer is Metafile's flagship paperless document management solution, offering paper and electronic invoice capture, web-based workflow, two and three-way matching, real-time graphical visibility and full ERP integration. Today, more than 15,000 financial professionals worldwide are efficiently processing more than 15 million paperless transactions per week with the MetaViewer solution. For more information visit

About Catalina Technology

Since the year 2000, Catalina Technology has delivered critical enterprise software and solutions. Catalina Technologies was founded to extend enterprise systems to the web over 15 years ago. Over the many years, Catalina has served customers in a wide variety of industries providing business applications, integration, and customizations. The company provides ecommerce, web development, and general software development services. Initially focused on the Microsoft Solomon market, Catalina developed an extremely comprehensive platform for taking SL to the web. Over the years Catalina has expanded into other Microsoft Dynamics products and Mobile. Catalina has been at the forefront of mobile technologies, providing Windows CE applications many years before modern smartphones were introduced. And now Catalina offers a wide array of multi-platform, business platform connected applications along with GPS tracking and routing solutions.