KingswaySoft simplifies data migration with Migration Starter Pack for CRM Online and On-Premise

OAKVILLE, ON: September 19, 2016 - KingswaySoft Inc., a leader in data integration software today announced the availability of the Migration Starter Pack for CRM Online and On-Premise, a sample SSIS package for Microsoft Dynamics CRM migrations. This sample package uses their SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to work through many of the complexities of CRM migrations and to take a lot of the work out of migration development. This means there is less time spent preparing to migrate data, allowing for CRM migration projects to be completed much sooner with all data easily loaded into the new CRM system.

"The goal of this sample package was to create the most comprehensive migration package available to help make CRM migration easier. We know first-hand the intricate details of working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM data. We find often times clients do not know where to start with a migration, so we've worked this all out for you, we set-up the package so that all the steps that commonly need to be performed for every migration project have already been done," said Daniel Cai, Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP and KingswaySoft Principal Developer. "We have also demonstrated some design patterns to help developers work with custom entities and outlined some specific techniques and approaches for working through the CRM migration to help ensure data is migrated correctly."

This sample package works as a comprehensive starting point and guide to easily develop a successful migration. Developers will be happy to find all the initial development work is already done for them, they do not need to spend time sorting through the complex entity dependencies involved with CRM migrations.

The SSIS Integration Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a popular choice for CRM migrations and integrations for its high performance and ease of use. With this sample migration package, much of the initial work in setting up a migration has been taken care of so developers can focus more on the unique requirements of their migration project, and get their data into the new CRM system sooner.

Click here for more details on the sample migration package or to download your free copy here. Reach out to KingswaySoft directly via for more information.

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