KingswaySoft Announces Autumn 2017 Release Wave for Their Suite of Data Integration Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Beyond

OAKVILLE, ON: KingswaySoft announces their Autumn 2017 Release Wave of the SSIS Integration Toolkit which offers leading data integration solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and beyond.

With this release KingswaySoft continues their commitment to aligning their solutions to support the latest features from Microsoft Dynamics. Microsoft's release of CRM v9.0 includes a new multi-picklist feature now supported in KingswaySoft's data integration solution for 365/CRM. Built on Microsoft SQL Server, KingswaySoft's data integration solutions are a developer's preferred tool for easily developing flexible and performant data integration for Microsoft Dynamics and beyond.

With the Autumn 2017 Release Wave KingswaySoft added many other additional features and enhancements to all their Microsoft Dynamics 365 components including a new Bulk Delete writing feature to their 365/CRM components and further availability of the new multithreaded writing feature.

In the Summer 2017 release, KingswaySoft introduced a new feature called multithreaded writing to their CRM and AX destination components. The multithreaded writing feature enables the capability of writing to the Dynamics server through multiple threads. This feature offers significant performance enhancements and simplifies the data flow. KingswaySoft is pleased to announce the addition of this feature to more components. The Autumn 2017 release sees multithreaded writing added to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Destination and SharePoint Destination with support to be added to more toolkits in later releases.

The Autumn 2017 Release Wave includes updates for the entire SSIS Integration Toolkit including enhancements their Microsoft Dynamics 365/AX and GP components in additional to further enhancements to their Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM and NAV components. Read their full news announcement for more information.


About KingswaySoft

KingswaySoft Inc. is a leading integration solution provider offering software solutions that make data integration affordable and painlessly easy. Thousands of enterprise clients from over 70 countries and regions rely on their solutions to integrate data with various application systems in order to drive their business efficiency and fully leverage their information assets. Right from the development process client success is always their first priority.

About Microsoft SSIS

Microsoft SSIS (Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services) is a platform for data integration and workflow applications. It features a fast and flexible data warehousing tool used for data extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL).

About the SSIS Integration Toolkit

The SSIS Integration Toolkit leverages SSIS to facilitate integration with specific enterprise applications including Microsoft Dynamics 365, SharePoint, and Active Directory, among many more. The SSIS Integration Toolkit also features the SSIS Productivity Pack which includes dozens of premium SSIS components to enable greater developer productivity and increase the power of SSIS.