Jet Reports and TARGIT to offer a combined Business Intelligence solution

Dynamics AX Market Update

Two market leaders in Business Intelligence solutions for Microsoft Dynamics have announced an alliance to better serve the Microsoft Dynamics AX community in the US region.

Jet Reports and TARGIT have joined forces to deliver a Business Intelligence solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX that combines the most comprehensive and user-friendly ETL tool with the most intelligent and intuitive analytics front-end on the market.

Jet Enterprise consistently delivers a data warehouse and OLAP cubes 80 percent faster than other solutions, while TARGIT is the most powerful tool available for presenting your data and analyzing all aspects of the business.

For Dynamics AX users, this means not having to make a compromise between back-end or front-end capabilities. They can now have the best of both in one package. 

 "This is really just a response to existing market demand. Dynamics AX clients have been combining our solutions on their own for years. The functionality is a natural fit and it just made sense to get together and create an easier and more resource effective solution for partners and Dynamics end users." Says Joe Little, President, Jet Reports.

It was an easy decision for the two companies to come together. Dave Boulet, Chief Sales Officer for TARGIT, says: "The Dynamics community saw this before we did.  The business users would be thrilled about the TARGIT front-end self-service capabilities, but we would hear less SQL savvy IT people ask for third party cube-building tools to assist them when building their data warehouse. In those cases we now recommend JetEnterprise."

To find out more, visit or reach out to:

Kyle J. McNerney, Regional Partner Manager, TARGIT - 813.293.1819 -

Jon Oesch, Vice President of Business Intelligence, Jet Reports - 503.928.7688 -


About Jet Reports

Built specifically for Microsoft Dynamics, Jet Reports provides Data Warehouse Automation tools to more Dynamics users than any other platform. With Over 10,000 clients in 94 countries, Jet enables users to easily Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) data from their disparate data systems across the enterprise.  Built upon the data warehousing methodology of The Kimball Group, the Jet Data Manager provides the fastest path available to building a Data Warehouse and Cubes.



TARGIT offers companies a user-friendly decision platform that combines intelligent dashboards, self-service analytics, and dynamic reporting. The Decision Suite is based on a philosophy that information should be accessible for all business users at all times. With the built-in notifications and mobility capabilities, users are constantly steered towards progress. More than 5000 companies already enjoy the benefits of having instant access to trustworthy intelligence. No more guess work; with TARGIT you get the courage to act.