Flintfox and ZAP Partner to deliver Trade Promotion Industry Analytics for Microsoft Dynamics

SAN FRANCISCO--Flintfox International, a leading global provider of revenue management software solutions and services, announced today that it would be partnering with ZAP to deliver strategic industry analytics in conjunction with its trade promotion management software solutions.

Flintfox's advanced pricing and trade promotion management solutions for Dynamics help manufacturers and distributors understand and execute optimal revenue models. A Microsoft Global ISV, Flintfox solutions are focused on improving operational efficiency auditory compliance, enabling scalable growth and improving responsiveness across sales channels.

ZAP provides a unique, out-of-the-box business intelligence solution using its deep industry expertise and data analysis skills to create solutions for Microsoft Dynamics with industry focuses. ZAP deployments are rapid, deliver immediate outcomes, are tailored for each user in an enterprise and provide organizations with BI self-sufficiency.

The collaboration enables both ZAP and Flintfox to take advantage of their joint Global ISV status and provide an integrated and world's best practice trade promotions management solution combined with effective and relevant analytics from ZAP to deliver customers an experience unlike anything else available.

"As our customers expand, aggregating and harmonizing data around rebates and promotional effectiveness becomes paramount. This new collaboration with ZAP will allow us to overlay the latest thinking in illustrated data across our pricing and promotion engines." Mike Ridgway, CEO, Flintfox.

Lindsay Zwart, Industry Director for Microsoft US said of the partnership "It is great to see leading GISV vendors engaged in this way. I have no doubt ZAP and Flintfox working together on this project will literally bring great value to our mutual clients."

Garth D. Laird, ZAP's Chief Operations Officer added "ZAP in delivering our new ZAP BI7 solution to market has enabled Industry Partners like Flintfox to develop and manage best in class industry analytics that provide true and rapid value to their customers. In an age where Insights into business are what is driving most enterprise software solution purchases, we believe that partnerships like this with Flintfox reduce a massive level of risk from customers buying cycles."

About Flintfox

Flintfox is a global provider of trade relationship and trade promotion management solutions with offices in the UK, US, Singapore and New Zealand. Founded in 1987, Flintfox has evolved from a specialist trade promotions vendor to a global Microsoft Dynamics® partner offering a full suite of revenue management solutions. For more information visit: www.flintfox.com

About ZAP

With customers in more than 50 countries spanning from mid-market local businesses to those supporting Fortune 500 credentials, ZAP focuses on providing real business outcomes through the integration of its' best in class business intelligence solutions to those ERP and CRM solutions delivered by Microsoft Dynamics. For more information visit: www.zapbi.com