DMS Announces NAVUG Forum 2013 Presentation - Barcoding, Handhelds and Mobility, Oh My!

Dynamic Manufacturing Solutions is pleased to be a Gold Sponsor of the NAVUG Forum 2013, October 22-24, in Tampa, Florida. This conference offers a wealth of practical ideas, collaborative learning, in-depth knowledge and unsurpassed networking.

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DMS' Session details at NAVUG

Barcoding, Handhelds, and Mobility, Oh My!
Speaker: Mark Hamblin

Location: Room 11

Time: October 22, 2013 at 1:15 PM

Bar coding for labor, material, or production is a truly "must-have" technology for most projects involving anything to do with inventory. With today's technology, there's no reason to be afraid of embracing a barcoding solution, as long as you know what to watch out for. This session will review available technologies, common problems to watch out for in projects, and what you can expect once you're live. Topics include:

  • What hardware deployment options make sense, i.e., purpose-built scanners versus phones/tablets
  • Differences, advantages and disadvantages of 2D versus linear bar codes
  • When tethered barcoding may make sense over mobile devices
  • Real-time versus batch mode scanning
  • Scalability of NAV: handling large environments if real-time scanning
  • Security for handhelds - general access to device functions, communication security, etc.
  • Hardware considerations: managing mobile devices, wireless networks requirements, etc.
  • Options for in-house versus cloud deployments for scanner software
  • How do mobile devices affect your processes