Cook County Department of Corrections Achieves Major Technology Upgrade

Tribridge Offender360 Reduces the Complexity and Costs of Managing Inmate Populations, From Intake and Facilities Management to Programs Aimed at Decreasing Recidivism

TAMPA, Fla. - (June 4, 2015) - The Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDOC) is now "live" with Tribridge Offender360, a technology solution that reduces the complexity and costs of managing inmate populations, from inmate intake and facilities management to programs aimed at decreasing recidivism.

Encompassing more than 40 percent of all Illinois residents, Cook County is the second most populous county in the U.S., and the CCDOC is the largest single-site pre-detention facility in the country, admitting nearly 100,000 detainees annually and overseeing an average daily population of 9,000. Tribridge is a technology services firm that specializes in business applications and cloud solutions.

"Like many corrections departments nationwide, we're increasingly asked to make our operations more effective without relying on more public funding," said Bob McInerney, chief information officer at The Cook County Sheriff's Office. "Given our size, the only way to accomplish this is through better technology, and by implementing systems like Offender360, we've moved beyond paper-based processes and now have easy access to the information we need to efficiently run our department."

Tribridge Offender360 provides correctional and other public safety institutions with a scalable, cost-effective tool for managing offenders from intake to release. Built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it offers three modules to focus on different areas of corrections management: Offender Management, Facilities Management and Community Corrections Management. Functionality includes sentence and time accounting; offender demographics; security threat group tracking; visitation scheduling; drug testing scheduling; recidivism reduction and management; and housing and bed assignment.

"Federal, state and local governments are closely scrutinizing corrections operations and demanding better outcomes, even as public funds diminish," said Josh Jaquish, Vice President, Public Sector at Tribridge. "Tribridge Offender360 replaces old technology that perpetuates the costly cycling of offenders through over-crowded systems where rehabilitation is nearly impossible. CCDOC now has the data and decision-making capability to break this cycle and fulfill its public safety mission."