AXMentor Partners with Experian Data Quality to Create a Best-in-Class Global Solution

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 21, 2017) - AXMentor, an international Microsoft Dynamics® 365, AX and CRM Partner, launches QuAAX Address Validation Powered by Experian® to deliver a best-in-class global solution. Quality Addressing for AX (QuAAX) is a turnkey solution and integration for Microsoft Dynamics AX that provides verification for addresses, zip codes, city, state and countries on-demand and in real-time.

QuAAX Address Validation Powered by Experian® is designed to address the global demand for on demand quality data all within a secure and dependable framework. Each day organizations and customers around the world experience how incorrect and bad data leads to incorrect shipments, costly write offs, delays and bad customer experiences. By using QuAAX, Dynamics AX users can now confidently collect, manage, and update address records, while being sure that accurate data is available for business intelligence, customer experience, and cost-cutting efforts.

"We partnered with Experian Data Quality to build a Microsoft Dynamics solution backed by a global and proven name in Data Quality," said Lauge Mathiasen, Chief Executive Officer at AXMentor. "We are providing Microsoft Dynamics users with real-time address validation and support in over 200 countries."

QuAAX is natively built within Microsoft Dynamics AX, doesn't require any code migration and validates legacy and new data. Using a 3-step process, QuAAX can provide you with a verification status based upon a color coding convention of red, yellow and green; along with suggested outputs to populate your data within AX. Users simply start typing their addresses based on country, state, zip or street and QuAAX will start auto populating the rest of the fields.

"Our solution fits our needs, but the maintenance requires taking the system down every other month and installing a new set of data on each AOS server," said Christian Fordham, Director of Business Applications at New Sunshine LLC. "QuAAX eliminates this need, while providing up to date data for validating and cleansing addresses."

Benefits of QuAAX

  • Saves time and money on wasted communications and shipments
  • Improves deliverability rates reducing loss or returned shipments
  • Speeds up delivery rates and streamlines operations
  • Enables more accurate decision making
  • Reduce time spent manually correcting addresses
  • Reduce operational costs and staff inefficiencies
  • Better communication with customers
  • Improves customer service and brand perception

"QuAAX works seamlessly within AX and provides real-time address verification the first-time data is entered," said Alex Kwitny, Product Manager and Technical Architect at AXMentor. "We understood that many of our clients had a need for validation of existing data and as a result we designed QuAAX to have a bulk cleanse capability for all past data and a framework to support the high-volume of new data moving forward." 


We invite you to join us on Tuesday April 18th to learn more about QuAAX. To register for the webinar please click here. In the meantime, AXMentor welcomes early adopters for QuAAX; you can contact us at for more information.


About AXMentor

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