Adxstudio Portals Announces May 2015 Release

Adxstudio is proud to announce the latest release of Adxstudio Portals. This version was made available May 2015 and includes several important areas of functionality that expand on and improve the web engagement experience for organizations and their portal users.  These enhancements include the addition of configurable actions on entity and web forms, badging capabilities of user profiles in community forums, new liquid templates for entity lists, as well as improvements for entity forms.

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to add Action Configuration of Forms.  What we've had until now is forms that allow records to be created, read or updated.  This has allowed many uses for portal users to manage their owns profiles, accounts, orders or anything else imaginable that is tracked in a form.  With the new Action Configuration feature, custom actions can now be easily configured to Delete, Activate, Deactivate or Initiate workflows based on changes to the form.  An example of this could be, if a 311 portal user confirms that the pothole complaint they submitted as a new case was fixed the citizen could select a "Yes, this is fixed" option from a dropdown in the form and the case would be instantly actioned as a "Closed Case" without another step taken by the government organization.  Similarly, approved quotes could be converted into orders or completed orders could initiate an invoice.  Form actions can also be configured to redirect to another page or url as part of the action user experience. These are just a few examples of the many ways the new Action Configuration feature can be used to increase the functionality of the web portal without the need for any custom development.  For more information on how Entity Form Action Configuration works visit the Adxstudio Community page.

There are also a couple of new Form View features to take note of. The first is Quick View Forms which is a CRM feature new in 2013 that allows the inclusion of a form from a related entity. For example, on a Contact Form the Account Summary Form could be brought in to list the related company fields.   Adxstudio Portals can now surface these Quick View Forms on the Portals site.  This allows portal end users to quickly view and edit their details without having to navigate to multiple pages.

We have also improved forms to support read-only display of state and status fields and include actions to change state and status of records on the forms.  

Having our portals accessible to people with disabilities is extremely important to us.  We have made updates to enhance the readability and usability of our portals for screen reader technologies.

We now have a Liquid Template that Supports our Entity-List feature including support for search and filtering.  This enables the content author to drop in and display an entity list in the middle of any content on the page.  This feature allows for a portal web page to have a very customized and look and feel with real-time and dynamic list functionality wrapped inside any other page content.

To round off the new features released in May, Adxstudio Portals now includes support for Badges in Community Forums and Community User Profiles.  Badges allow for an organization to recognize key contributors or distinguish forum discussions. This ability to recognize individuals in a community builds loyalty and credibility between community users and the content created. Those users with coveted badges in an organization's community become brand advocates and champions who can also expand the service and support capabilities with minimal cost to the company.  Everyone likes to be recognized for their contribution, Adxstudio Portals now provides an easy way to enable this in our Community solution.

These new features allow organizations to take Adxstudio Portals with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and increase the engagement opportunities as well as improve the flexibility of an already best-in-class web portal platform.  View the Release Notes 7.0.0016 for additional details.