Adxstudio Announces Newest Release of Adxstudio Portals focusing on Re-platforming Authentication System & Web Application Building

Redmond, WA - September 2015

Adxstudio Inc. has made available the latest set of releases of the award winning web engagement solution, Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. These releases make major improvements across several product areas including; security and authentication capabilities, enhanced templates, options for web application building and the introduction of the Productivity Gallery. Additionally, customers will experience increased performance along with accessibility and web standards compliance.

Security and Authentication Changes

The improved security and authentication features include sign-in capabilities of the Portals solution with ASP.NET identity authentication. By using the ASP.NET Identity Platform Adxstudio Portals authentication now includes increased federation options such as SAML 2.0 and OpenID Connect for external identity providers. Portals now supports social sign-in with multiple social identities that can be configured to one contact record. Increased security is also offered through two-factor authentication via email or SMS. Portals can now be configured for both email address and mobile phone validation to ensure you have at least one validated communication channel.

With a significantly improved invitation model, organizations have the capabilities to create group invitations in addition to enabling personal invitations with options to expire invitations.  Invitation redemption actions now include account association,  web role assignments, and running of custom workflows.

With Adxstudio Portals now on the most modern authentication model organizations using Portals have vastly improved their ability to add and authenticate users while ensuring a high level of security.

Content Publishing Improvements

Throughout the summer Adxstudio has also provided a number of out of the box templates and content publishing features that streamline and enhance Portals usability for the content publisher. Based on customer feedback and requests for revised page layouts, a new set of common templates to speed website publishing have been released. Content publishing improvements also include the ability to include web page metadata for better search results, improved page management to allow customers to quickly organize website taxonomy, and the flexibility to leverage liquid templates across web applications anywhere on the portal site.

Web Application Building

Advancements to Portals web application features continues to be the primary focus for the Adxstudio team. Custom web applications provide a significant value by allowing our customers to model and automate their business processes and Adxstudio Portals delivers incredible expansion in functionality all with point-and-click configuration. Some of these enhancements include flexibility for warning notices, support for pop-up CRM search, advances in automating processes with custom actions, and greater configurability of button placement. Form rendering improvements include support for specialized CRM fields such as owner, state and status, and a presentation-style read-only form layout.  Support for SharePoint files and sub-grids as well as Azure file storage has also been included in the recent releases. All of these improvements allow organizations to better surface their CRM data to their portals and increase customer engagement.

The team has been relentless in the pursuit to bring our customers the very best in custom web application building innovation and we will continue to deliver on this commitment.

Introducing the Productivity Gallery

The new Productivity Gallery provides a catalog of stand-alone solutions that are designed to help our customers get the full value of Portals on top of Dynamics CRM without additional development efforts. They can be used with and without our portals and are available free of charge to the community.

Web Standards Compliance

The latest Portals release continues the Adxstudio commitment to provide accessibility standards that address the needs of website users with disabilities. With improved WCAG accessibility and W3C validation compliance Adxstudio Portals meets best practice protocols for people with disabilities and continues our support of conforming to common web standards. 

This release demonstrates the commitment that Adxstudio places in meeting the needs of current and prospective customer desires for a best-in-class portal experience and features. The latest updates to Adxstudio Portals provide exceptional identity and authentication capabilities, web site standards compliance, enhanced templates and improved web application building tools and functionality that all lead to a superior web portal for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

For complete details on the Adxstudio Portals releases visit the Adxstudio Community Site Release Notes