Inventory Optimization with Supply Chain Cloud

Blue Horseshoe Solutions is expanding the Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud to help companies create productive and profitable order fulfillment strategies.

“Fluctuations in supply, order volume surges or declines based on product, and an influx or transition of sales through specific channels are creating order fulfillment challenges,” says Steve Shebuski, Vice President of Digital Solutions at Blue Horseshoe. “Supply Chain Cloud gives businesses more control over creating effective and profitable fulfillment plans.”

Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud order optimization capabilities

Manage Reservation Rules

Supply Chain Cloud gives companies the functionality needed to configure fulfillment and inventory reservation rules inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain. With Supply Chain Cloud, businesses can manage fulfillment strategies across multiple companies, channels, and warehouses from Microsoft D365.

“We were seeing companies creating virtual warehouses and special item numbers to allocate inventory to a specific customer,” explains Shebuski. “Creating virtual SKUs and warehouses adds unnecessary complexity that leads to bad data and even more supply chain disruptions.

Optimize Order Fulfillment Strategies

The Supply Chain Cloud uses Microsoft’s Common Data Model and extends D365 functionality to help supply chain leaders optimize fulfillment strategies, including:

  • Manage surge exceptions
  • Automatic inventory reservation-based rules that allow users to prioritize channels, margin, customers, products, segments, or minimum margin levels
  • Configurable sourcing rules by customer, order source, or channel to allow for order sourcing across the inventory network including distribution centers and stores
  • Set time horizons allowing inventory reservations in specific time horizons from the ship date
  • Configurable business logic to drive order validations and ensure order and account compliance before committing inventory to orders
  • Budget and manage inventory reservations by configurable channels down to the sales order/transfer order line level.
  • Configurable substitution rules down to the customer level allowing automatic or approved substitutions for products including unit conversion setups and price rules for substitution

The Supply Chain Cloud

What limits your operations the most? Supply chain visibility. The Blue Horseshoe Supply Chain Cloud transforms your business by connecting physical assets & operations with digital intelligence.

The Supply Chain Cloud provides advanced logistics capabilities that link to your core business data – forming the connected supply chain.

  • Automate the procure-to-pay cycle while communicating with your supplier network
  • Create profitable fulfillment and sourcing plans to maximize profits and meet service agreements
  • Manage complex invoicing requirements for multiple clients and contracts
  • Direct final mile delivery and route management
  • Manage private fleets and drivers
  • Find the most effective shipping option and connect directly with top parcel carriers


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