Getting Noticed: New Survey Reports on Three Techniques Microsoft Dynamics VARs Use to Select ISVs

BRIGHTON, Mass., April 5, 2009 -- How do Microsoft Dynamics VARs (Value Added Resellers) go about locating and assessing the best ISVs to partner with? According to a new in-depth survey of 162 VARs by, the leading information resource for the Microsoft Dynamics community, VARs select ISVs to partner with primarily based on these three considerations:

1. Online searches turn up initial candidates. 84% of respondents said they "prefer to search for ISVs and their products" via online directories and web sites. Only 14% said they prefer trade shows, and 2% pointed to print publications.

2. Product features are key evaluation criteria. When asked "the criteria you most highly consider" in evaluating ISVs, 70% said they looked most closely at the features of individual ISV offerings. Customer satisfaction trailed just slightly at 67%. Interestingly, such criteria as support options, localization, and license/maintenance costs trailed significantly behind, at less than 50%.

3. Customer leads important marketing attraction. Increasingly, VAR are attracted to ISVs that can provide a regular flow of prospect leads, and it's less and less like the old days, when the VARs assumed all sales responsibilities. Today, some 56% of VARs said they "expect ISVs to be able to provide you qualified leads in order to drive engagements that use their products." Trade shows have clearly diminished as a marketing tool, the results suggest, as the vast majority - 73% - do not take a negative view if vendors do not purchase sponsorships at major trade shows.

And's growing influence was apparent in the survey. More than two-thirds of respondents say they "use to find Add-On Solutions and/or learn about ISVs."

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