Cavallo Announces Product Suite Launch for Improved Distribution

The company’s Product Premiere Week will debut software that improves execution, control and intelligence for an optimized distribution strategy 

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan (Oct. 5, 2021)—Cavallo, the only technology provider to deliver on-premises and cloud solutions specifically for mid-market distributors, today premiered three distribution product solutions including Distribution Cloud, Analytics Cloud and Cavallo Salespad. Cavallo’s product offerings unlock new possibilities for distribution data and more.  

The product showcase is taking place at Product Premiere Week, Oct. 5-7 and will be available in November to all industry verticals. The highly anticipated launch follows Cavallo’s summer rebrand, when the company, formerly known as SalesPad, announced new product initiatives that included cloud computing and distribution business intelligence. 

“Even the leading ERP and CRM packages can’t meet the specific needs of distributors. They require the smarter software solutions Cavallo provides,” said Jeremy Boogaart, senior vice president of product at Cavallo. “With our updated solutions, both new and existing customers can easily integrate any of these products into their distribution cycle. This is an exciting time of growth for Cavallo, and we’re eager to provide the industry with the innovative tools they need.”  

Offering both cloud-based and on-premises capabilities, Cavallo will provide enhanced execution and control to distributors with the following products: 

  • Distribution Cloud: Premiering on Oct. 5, Distribution Cloud serves both sales and CSR teams with robust customer, sales and order management features built specifically for distributors and distribution operations. It provides top-notch customer experience while maximizing profits and efficiency and combines the flexibility of a CRM platform with an ERP system’s breadth of data. Distributors can maintain accurate inventory counts down to the item level, know the status of every order in any system and provide a new level of personalized experience, all while maintaining control over sales and order operations.
  • Cavallo SalesPad: The world's top solution for extending the life and performance of Microsoft Dynamics GP has gained new features and added integration for popular eCommerce platforms. Premiering Oct. 7, the product dramatically improves distribution operations, and the distributor-designed software manages workflows from customer to cash. 

Additionally, Cavallo’s cloud-based intelligence tool delivers real-time analysis to guide optimization for distribution businesses — all powered by machine learning. 

  • Cavallo Analytics Cloud: Debuting Oct. 6, Analytics Cloud plugs into existing technology stacks to provide an instant look into the health of distribution operations. With this tool, customers can uncover inefficiencies, streamline bloated processes and recover lost profits. By removing limits from data retrieval and boosting analysis capabilities, Analytics Cloud keeps decision-making clear and simple. 

For Cavallo’s first Distribution Cloud beta customer, OSIS, the software upgrade has yielded tremendous results for the company. 

“Cavallo’s distribution solutions give us the insights into each item our customers are buying and why they need them,” said Michelle Doll, procurement manager at OSIS. “As OSIS continues to expand, we plan to utilize the efficiencies this suite of products provides to match our growth.” 

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Founded in 2003 as SalesPad, Cavallo is the only technology provider built by distributors to exclusively serve mid-market distributors with a suite of on-premises and cloud-based software solutions. Headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Cavallo delivers technology and services that help mid-market distributors gain unprecedented insight into their distribution operations, optimize and accelerate the customer-to-cash lifecycle, improve customer relationships and enhance profitability. Its mission is to help every distributor on the planet harness the power of a solution tailored to their precise processing and operational needs, engineered to surface critical data to guide strategy and company growth, no matter where they are in their digital transformation. For more information, visit


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