360 Destination Group Simplifies Accounting Processes with Gravity Software

Hospitality Enterprise Consolidates its Five Companies in One Database

Detroit, MI – April 16, 2019 – Today, Gravity Software™ (Gravity), a mid-market accounting solution provider, announced that 360 Destination Group simplified its accounting processes and eliminated several outside applications after replacing QuickBooks™ Desktop with Gravity’s online accounting solution.

Gravity is built from the ground up on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (aka Microsoft CRM) platform, a very open platform that allows you to pick and choose which modules you want. Gravity brings together the applications that run your accounting and operations with the familiar Office apps you use regularly.

“Gravity fills the gap between entry-level accounting software like QuickBooks and expensive enterprise software like Sage Intacct,” said John Silvani, President of Gravity Software. “360 Destination Group’s multiple companies had five different databases, and their CRM couldn’t communicate with QuickBooks. This resulted in a lot of manual work and redundant data entry. Gravity’s advanced accounting solution brought all these different aspects of their business together and allowed their apps to communicate with one another. This automated their processes and allowed them to work on their business, not in it.”

After a successful implementation of Gravity, 360 Destination Group successfully manages its five organizations in one user-friendly database for its 51 users. The team no longer has to log in and out of databases and programs to get the answers they need. Users can even enter one transaction and allocate it across companies. This streamlined workflow allowed 360 Destination Group to eliminate redundant data entry and increase overall efficiency. The company saved time and money, and even eliminated outside programs that they previously depended on.

“Overall, I would definitely recommend Gravity Software to other businesses in the hospitality industry," said Shawna Bailley, Controller at 360 Destination Group. “Gravity Software has been a great fit for our company as we expand our entities! We had long outgrown QuickBooks but didn’t quite require an expensive and complex enterprise application. We’ve eliminated (at least) two outside programs/processes that we previously utilized for reporting purposes.”

360 Destination Group’s case study details the results that they achieved by upgrading from QuickBooks Desktop to Gravity’s cloud accounting software. The complete case study can be read here, and highlights include:

360 Destination Group’s Results with Gravity:

  • Eliminated Redundant Data Entry and Increased Overall Efficiency
  • Multi-Company Consolidating Financial Reports
  • Created Real-Time Insights into Financials and Operations for Management
  • Provided Secure Real-Time Information to Operating Employees
  • Simplified the Receivables Collection Process

Gravity’s unique multi-company capabilities dramatically boost organizational efficiency across the board. Gravity’s key multi-company features include:

  • Multi-Company Operational Reports
  • Inter-Company Billing
  • Inter-Company Transactions
  • Shared Master Files
  • Multi-Company Cash Receipts
  • And More!

Thanks to Gravity, companies who have multiple entities no longer have to struggle with inefficiencies. Learn more and schedule your online demo today!

About Gravity Software
Gravity Software™ (Gravity) is the first and only cloud accounting business management solution exclusively built from the ground up on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. With over four million users worldwide, this platform allows businesses to choose which features their unique organization needs, giving a customized approach to accounting. Thanks to

Gravity’s proprietary multi-company solution, there’s no need for multiple databases or programs, no matter how many entities your business is made up of! Business owners easily gain real-time visibility into their companies and as a result can make better informed decisions. Gravity is more than just cloud accounting; it provides businesses with the vital business tools and processes needed to grow. Gravity Software – the technology that works for you.

About 360 Destination Group
As a leading full-service destination management company, 360 Destination Group takes a stuffy corporate meeting and makes it feel like the only event in town. Not only do they personally handle all logistics and organization, but they also seamlessly blend that with carefully thought-out event concepts that engage both clients and employees. A modern art affair, a carnival-themed seminar, a Latin nightclub reception – they’ve done them all. They don’t just create programs, they create experiences. 360 Destination Group's roots go back to 1978 when their founders shaped the destination management industry. Today, they are a leading destination management company with offices in California, Arizona, Chicago, Texas, Florida, and New York.


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